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Our employees share our values of Trust, Integrity and Passion. As an international company, we have people from everywhere: Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, India, England, Spain and the list is getting longer and longer... We are not only colleagues, we are friends and we make sure that everyone is part of the Amazonia Bio family.

And we have good news for you .. .  We are hiring!

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Sales Assistant 

Are you passionate about Sales and want to pull in BIG deals? Are you ambitious and open to learn? Join our Team!

Sales Intern

Do you want to pursue a career in Sales and are eager to learn, grow and challenge yourself far beyond you could have ever imagined? Join our Team!

Marketing Intern

Do you love Marketing and Design and would like to work in an environment where you can use all your creativity? Join our Team!

PR/Communication Intern

Are you passionate about External Communication and love to produce texts that have an impact? Join our Team!

Human Ressource Manager

Developing and growing an international team of unicorns sounds like fun for you? You are growth-oriented? Join our Team!

Executive Assistant

Are you passionate about administrative work and willing to go the extra mile? Join our Team!

Human Ressource Intern

You are looking for a career in HR and are looking to learn a lot in a short amount of time? Join our Team!

Warehouse Assistant

Working in the warehouse is your favorite sport? Join our Team!

Logistic Intern

Do you want to pursue a career in Logistics because you are aware of the impact the job has? Join our Team!

Quality Manager

Quality Management is the one thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning? Join our Team!

Quality Assistant

Are you passionate about Quality Management and would love to become a manager in the next few years? Join our Team!

Quality Intern

Are you willing to grow in the filed of Quality Management and work hands-on with our Quality Team? Join our Team!

Finance Assistant

Working detail-oriented and with numbers is something that brings you joy? Join our Team!

Finance Intern

Do you strive to become a rockstar in Finance? Join our Team!

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We look forward to receiving your application. 

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